“We thoroughly recommend Mary to other parents for specialist English tuition. Our daughter has dyslexia and Mary has enabled her to enjoy reading and writing. Her school has recognised the improvement she has made since starting with Mary and our daughter is much more confident. Most importantly she loves going to Mary’s sessions.” (February 2022). 

'Mary is a fabulous teacher with a passion for English and I am delighted that my son is working with her.
Our son is so much more confident in his spelling and writing since he started his his multi-sensory teaching sessions with Mary'

“We would wholeheartedly recommend Mary to other parents for English tuition. 

Mary has tutored our daughter from the start of Y6. She had been assessed for Dyslexia and we felt the need to “top-up” the support provided at her primary school. 

Mary’s teaching style has motivated our daughter to read and express herself more confidently in her writing. Mary employs various techniques and prepares in detail for each lesson 

Over the last 6 months our daughter’s progress has been significant. She has made over 2 years progress in her reading ability.

Mary is approachable and trusted by both of us as parents, and also our daughter, who looks forward to her tuition every Saturday.”

“After a diagnosis of dyslexia in Y7 and a very difficult staged return to High School due to anxiety, my daughter began a weekly class with Mary at the end of July 2021.We are seeing important shifts in her reading and comprehension, and her confidence is growing.

Mary’s many years of teaching and understanding children’s needs has meant the sessions are bespoke with themes that capture our daughter’s attention and provide great talking points.

As parents we are touched to see Mary’s kind, enthusiastic approach, always so positive and encouraging, and our daughter ,who always leaves with a smile on her face and renewed determination for her school work.”
(February 2022)

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